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Gold Coast Australia – Surf & Beach Lifestyle Photos

The Gold Coast Australia is renown for its great surf & beaches, fantastic climate & a great lifestyle. It’s also where I lived for a big chunk of my life before relocating to Wellington, New Zealand. So I am fortunate enough to have lived that lifestyle by the beach, & being able to surf almost every day when there were waves.

I returned to the Gold Coast for two weeks there during May 2010 & wanted to capture some of these aspects of the Gold Coast life. My aim was to get up every morning just before sunrise & go down to the beach & photograph for an hour or so. Luckily for me, it was getting pretty close to winter & sunrise was at a some what respectable hour of 6.30am. I’ve done it before in summer, & because there is no daylight saving on the Gold Coast, sunrise is just before 5am!

The weather was pretty much perfect for the whole time I was there with tops around 21 degrees celcius during the day. Even the early mornings were warm enough on some of the days to head out for a surf in just boardies. This was a far cry from the weather Wellington was getting while I was away. I was even getting emails from people in Wellington a little disappointed that I had posted photos on my facebook photography page of prefect weather & pristine conditions on the Gold Coast, while they suffered in icy cold southerlies & driving rain for much of the time I was away. Good timing for me I say!

The only thing I missed & was hoping for while I was there, was more waves. There were a couple of perfect offshore days where the beachies were firing, but I was hoping for more swell so I could get a chance to shoot some decent waves on the points. I did manage to head down to Burleigh Heads to shoot one day when there was a bit of swell, but it was pretty small on the point. However, I did get a few shots, but it would be nice to catch it on a classic day at Burleigh.

There are 53 photos in total. You can watch the slideshow below & click on the photos to be taken to a larger version of it, of you can click here or on the photo above to go to the gallery.

Gold Coast Australia | Surf & Beach Lifestyle – Images by Mark Gee

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  2. Mark says:

    Damn Mark…

    I just brought a house… You need to stop publishing pics I’d like to purchase! Apart from a NY night photo of the twin towers and two family photos the house will only have Mark Gee prints!

    The shots capture the non “staged” but tranquility of natural colour and beauty you are so known for…

    My Wife won’t let me look at your prints soon!!! Am getting the BIG print framed in the next couple of days!!!

    Talk soon…

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