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Weta Artists Rally For Japan

As some of you may know, when I’m not photographing I usually spend my time working with a bunch of really talented people creating visual effects & making movies at Weta Digital. Sometimes opportunities arise within Weta that enable us artists to help others who are in need of a helping hand, & I am proud to be a part of this latest project.

Karim Sahai, a world renowned travel photographer & fellow Weta Digital compositor, has organised a great project with a group of us artists from Weta Digital and Weta Workshop to produce a series of thirteen beautiful limited edition fine art prints with all the proceeds from their sale to be donated to the earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan.

These 33x48cm prints are individually signed and numbered by every artist, and are presented in a gorgeous black portfolio box. The stunning prints were made using the finest colour pigments and archival baryta paper. Only 3 prints of each image were made.

Here is your chance to own a very unique memento from some of the artists at Weta. It is also an opportunity to turn our best asset  – our creativity –  into compassion, selflessness.

These very limited edition fine art prints are now available for purchase for $950 per portfolio.
To order one of the only three series of prints and assist the recovery efforts in Japan, please email me at but be quick as there is already a fair amount of interest in these.

The participating Weta Digital and Weta Workshop artists are:

Greg Broadmore – concept artist * Julian Bryant – compositor * Myriam Catrin – texture artist * Mark Gee – lighting technical director  * Ken Gimpelson – lighting technical director * Robin Hollander – compositor * Miae Kang – lighting technical director * Dmitri Krasnokoutski – shader writer * Laure Lacroix – texture artist * Paul Redican – compositor * Marcus Schoo – software developer * Malino Suzuki – motion editor * Masaya Suzuki – texture artist.

Below is a image of each print making up each of the portfolios.

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