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The Art of Night | Exhibition 2014

My first solo exhibition will be held at Carter Observatory in Wellington, New Zealand from the 5-18 October 2014

My first solo photo exhibition will be held at Carter Observatory in Wellington, New Zealand from the 5-18 October 2014

The Art of Night | Exhibition 2014 – 5-18 October 2014 at Carter Observatory – this is my first solo photo exhibition, and what an honour it is to be able to have it at Carter Observatory. The relationship with Carter goes back a few years now, to when I was far less knowledgeable about the night sky. My early attempts at astrophotography weren’t great, but I would regularly email or post to Carter Observatory’s Facebook page and query them as to what I had captured in my photos.

I remember setting off a time-lapse one night, and upon checking the footage the next day, I excitedly emailed Carter claiming I had captured the Aurora over Wellington airport. The guys at Carter responded telling me that all I had captured was the airport lights reflecting off in-coming clouds…I certainly feel I’ve come a long way since with probably one of the most frustrating forms of photography there is – but I do enjoy the continuous learning and constant challenges.

I’m also very fortunate to live in the Wellington region on the bottom of the North Island of New Zealand. Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand, but the region is blessed with dark skies and beautiful landscapes. You only need to travel 15 minutes out of the centre of Wellington city to the south coast, and you can easily see the glow of the Milky Way with the naked eye. A 90 minute drive to the east, over the Rimutaka Ranges and into the Wairarapa, gets you amongst some of the darkest skies in New Zealand, where the southern sky shines at night with millions of stars above the remote and rugged landscape.

I do hope you enjoy The Art of Night | Exhibition 2014, it’s a collection of my favourite astro photos which represent many hours under the stars attempting to perfect my skills. And time under the stars is something everyone should experience at some point in their life…for me it certainly puts life into perspective – so look up and enjoy, it’s free for everyone!

And If you can’t make the exhibition, make sure you check out the official book which is printed on premium lustre paper photo paper and contains all the images I’ll be exhibiting . You can buy the book directly from the Blurb bookshop, or download the enhanced ebook iPad version for free.

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