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Night On The Ridge – Phone Wallpaper Download

Life has been busy for me lately, and I’ve hardly had a chance to get out with the camera, but I did manage to escape a few weeks ago to capture this.

It was shot on the west coast of Wellington, New Zealand, up on the ridge at Makara as the galactic core of the Milky Way was beginning to dip towards the horizon. The white triangular glow coming up from the horizon is the Zodiacal Light, which is caused by space dust scattering sunlight in the zodiacal cloud.

I’m quite fond of the vertical format of this shot, so much so, I uploaded it to my phone and used it as a wallpaper. I have to admit it looks pretty cool, so thought I should share the love and make the wallpaper download free for you guys too!

You can download the free wallpaper here.

And if you would love to see this image hanging on your wall at home or in the office, you can order a fine art print of the image here. Just click on the blue BUY PRINTS button for pricing/sizing and paper finish options.

And of course – feel free to share!

Night On The Ridge Phone Wallpaper

Night On The Ridge – Free Phone Wallpaper for download

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