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TEDx Christchurch – My Big Moon and Astrophotography Talk

Mark Gee TEDx Christchurch

Last month I headed down to the TEDxChristchurch event to talk a little about that moon video, and what astrophotography means to me. You can check the video of the talk here:

And remember – take the time to stop, look up and enjoy – our night sky is one simple but amazing thing that’s free for all!

2 Responses to “TEDx Christchurch – My Big Moon and Astrophotography Talk”

  1. Dear Mark,
    Thank you for the mesmerizing and spiritual images you masterfully captured and gave to the World.
    I am night gazer, but live in central Florida and there is too much light pollution for me to really get the fully majesty of the night sky.
    It was better when I was youth in Florida, but Florida has suffered from its popularity and suffers increasingly from “populution”.
    The only truly dark sky I have seen is in Baja California, Mexico at an isolated fish camp where the only light is from electrical generators and when they are turned off each evening the majesty of a dark sky is revealed.
    I have long wanted to visit New Zealand, now I am even more compelled to do so.
    Again, thank you for your gift(s) of dark night sky photography.
    P Richard Wirt

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