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Photographers Moonrise

Photographers Moonrise was a fun little project I did with some local photographers in Wellington, New Zealand . I videoed the moonrise all in one take on the 27 September 2015 which was a day before the actual full moon, and it also happened to be the Supermoon weekend. I wanted to do something a little different to my normal moonrise videos and actually directed this one via 2 way radio 1.5km away from the photographers…that was certainly a challenge in itself! But after a few nervous moments leading up to the moonrise, everything fell into place, and all went perfectly to plan.

A big thanks must go to the photographers who took time out of their day to get involved with this shoot – make sure you check out the credits at the end. And thanks to PhotoPills, I just couldn’t have planned the precise position and timing when the moon rose into my frame without your awesome app!

If anyone is interested in the planning of this shoot, I highly recommend my article I wrote called ‘To the Moon and Back’ I use the same techniques and planning as I did with my Full Moon Silhouettes video back in 2013.


Photographers Moonrise from Mark Gee on Vimeo.

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