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Wellington sunrise sets the sky on fire

If you got up at 7am in Wellington New Zealand & looked outside, then you wouldn’t have seen anything that interesting. However, if you had gotten up an hour earlier you would have caught this amazing sunrise that set the sky on fire.  By 7am the light show was over & Wellington was settling into […]

Pedro Barros takes out Wellington Bowl-A-Rama 2010

As a photographer, you get to see & photograph lots of great events, this year’s Bowl-A-Rama was no exception. But the highlight for me was definitely seeing & photographing 14 year old Brazilian, Pedro Barros tear it up in the bowl. Pedro ended up taking out the pro division at the 2010 Wellington Bowl-A-Rama event […]

Day 1 of Bowl-A-Rama 2010 kicks off in Wellington

Day 1 of Bowl-A-Rama 2010 kicked off at the Waitangi Park skate bowl in Wellington today. Rain threatened earlier on, but held off for just enough time to run a few rounds. I went bowl side with the 15mm fisheye lens & off camera flash to shoot the action of some of the best skaters […]

Surfing footage test using the canon 7D

Canon 7D surfing footage test from Mark Gee on Vimeo. I recently shot some surfing footage at Lyall Bay in Wellington, New Zealand to test out the video capabilities of the canon 7D. I was shooting stills all day & I just switched it over to video mode & shot some video. All manual focus […]

Northerly Storm at Sunset

Its been a real weird summer in Wellington with howling north westerlies, the occasional cold southerly, & a bit of rain. Not summer at all really…But there have been some pretty spectacular sights to photograph with these weather patterns. I shot this one around 9pm one night at Evans Bay just after sunset as a […]

Sneaky Lyall Bay Ground Swell – 4th January 2010

A sneaky ground swell off the south eastern coast of New Zealand pushed into Lyall Bay in Wellington for one day of pumping surf. It was a great start for waves in Wellington & hopefully this year will be much better than last. Unfortunately I got there a little late that day to get the […]

Come fly with me

One of the other subjects I seem to like taking photos of is planes. Not entirely sure why, perhaps its because I love flying, or because I thought of becoming a pilot when I was younger. Either way I enjoy photographing them whilst trying to find creative angles to shoot at. They are certainly a […]

Lyall Bay Surf Life Saving Club Training Afternoon

It was a late afternoon, a light southerly breeze blowing & salt haze blanketed Lyall Bay. I headed onto the beach to see what I could capture – initially it was surfing – but the Lyall Bay Surf Life Saving Club was out in force on their training afternoon with swimmers, board paddlers, boaties & […]

The magic hour over Miramar

Daylight saving is a great time in New Zealand. On the good days you get this amazing light around 8pm, especially in Wellington as it baths the surrounding hills in this gorgeous golden glow. The shot above was taken with a 500mm lens from Evans Bay looking towards the cutting at Miramar. The Venture, the […]

Wellington Boardriders Double Pointscore Comp

It was the final comp of the year for the Wellington Boardriders, & the day was looking like it was going to provide some decent waves. The location was set for the corner at Lyall Bay & on arrival the waves were a little onshore & chunky. I thought about heading out into the water […]

Kitesurfing Lyall Style

Wellington, New Zealand is known worldwide as the windy city. This also makes it the perfect place for wind sports such as kitesurfing. I am a little biased with the subject of kitesurfing as this too is one of my passions. So that is probably why I don’t have a large collection of kitesurfing photos […]

Swell was there, but so was the wind

It had been a pretty consistent spring as far as waves were concerned in Wellington, so I’ve been able to get out there & get a few shots. The only problem is spring is the windiest time of year & you get these strong offshore winds blowing which makes it really hard to paddle onto […]

Princess Bay Magic

I headed out to Princess Bay on Wellington’s south coast this evening to try & capture one of the amazing sunsets you see from there. The sunset was ok – nothing amazing, but after waiting until just after the sun had set, that’s when I did get some amazing shots. There happened to be a […]

The Lyall Sessions – Kitesurfing Lyall Bay

The Lyall Sessions from Mark Gee on Vimeo. The Lyall Sessions was a bit of an experiment using the video mode of a consumer grade still camera set up on a rig attached to the kite-surfing kite. The result, while not broadcast quality, was quite nice considering what it was shot with. I spent a […]